For those of you interested in volunteering, check out the list of the positions below. When you find positions that interest you, the link will allow you to sign up for as many positions as you wish! 

The dates of camp are July 31st - August 5th


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Camp Counselor

Mentor a group of girls throughout the day! Attend workshops, enjoy the lunchtime band, and help out with tasks. This has potential to be a full-day position, or part-time position depending on volunteer needs.


Band Coach

Help mentor a band of young girls! Help them traverse the challenges of creative collaboration. We greatly prefer that this volunteer have previous band experience. This position has the potential to require just the hour and a half for band practice - or the last half of the day.


Music Instructor

Lead group music lessons! This position will be teaching two groups of 3-4 girls the basics of: guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, or vocals. Knowledge of the instrument you choose to teach and previous experience working with children ages 8-13 is preferred.


Workshop Lead

Lead a fun and creative workshop! We have some ideas that we’d love to feature, but if you have an idea feel free to pitch it. This position is open as a one-time commitment but can also be taken on by a volunteer in a different position.



As a floater you will be a jack-of-all trades! Your position will help fill whatever needs arise.



As a roadie you will help us setup and take-down for the lunchtime shows, and assist with band room setup. You will also likely spend a portion of your time helping to tune instruments. This position has the opportunity to be one-time, but we greatly prefer this volunteer be able to come 2-5 days a week.


Morning Lead

As the Morning Lead you will help greet girls and get the energy flowing among campers and volunteers.You have the creative freedom to decide exactly what it is we’re doing and make it fun - but we envision a lot of physical movement and stretching like: yoga sessions set to rock, aerobic dance routines...etc.


Lunchtime Performance

Are you a girl in a band? We’d love for you to perform at lunch!


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High School Internships

For the high school internships we would like volunteers to select which they are interested in, submit a cover letter explaining their experience and interest. We would like them to include a resume with two professional references a list of classes they’ve taken relevant to the position. Internships are open to students ages 15-18.

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